5 SaaS ideas to launch in 2023 to make passive income

5 saas ideas to launch to make passive income

You want to launch a new project to make passive income? Are you looking for an alternative revenue stream that doesn’t require much time or effort?

Well look no further!

We will explain why it is a good idea to launch a SaaS to reach your goal.
We will share with you how to make passive income with a SaaS in 2023. 

SaaS is the new trend on the market

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the new trend on the market. It is a natural evolution of software, where everything has become more digitalized and accessible through the internet. The SaaS model allows companies to sell their services as a subscription instead of buying a license and use it only once. This way they can profit from recurring revenue streams and touch many users with each sold service.

The advantages of this model are self-evident: 

  • you can start your own business without investing too much in infrastructure or hiring expensive employees; 
  • you will receive payments automatically every month without having to wait for invoices (or not even get them at all). 
  • You can upscale your revenue by deliver your features.
  • You build a community of loyal clients. 

All these factors explain how to make passive income online with a SaaS.

Simple way to make money with recurrent revenues

Sometimes, you will come across a product or service that you can use regularly and pay monthly or annually. This is called recurring revenues.
If you are making a SaaS business, then recurring revenues is a very lucrative way to make money your customers will be paying you again and again every month/year.

Recurring revenue models are especially good when it comes to helping new businesses get off the ground and scale quickly because they don’t require large capital investments from their owners.

Focus on B2B to make passive income

B2B customers are best clients to generate revenue for your SaaS. They are more loyal than B2C because it’s costly for them to change a software. Indeed, they have dozen to hundred of employees that are using you SaaS. Change their habits.

B2B purchases are more profitable than B2C purchases.

Also, the lifetime value of a customer is higher for businesses, which means you can make more money over time with less support costs and customer churn.

Businesses are more likely to stay with your product because they see the value in it, whereas B2C consumers might switch to a cheaper alternative if you don’t offer something new or exciting enough to keep them interested in your offering. 

5 SaaS ideas to launch in 2023 

In this part, here are some SaaS ideas to know how to make passive income with a Saas in 2023:

  • The idea: A SaaS for recruiting and hiring
  • What it is: A platform that helps companies attract, hire and manage their employees
  • Why you should start it now: As more and more people are leaving traditional companies to join start-ups, there will be an increasing demand for HR platforms like these to help them manage their human resources efficiently

Automated Invoicing Platform: An automated invoicing platform for small businesses. It could include features such as billing automation, payment tracking, and customizable invoices.

A SaaS tool to help businesses to get clients feedback weekly. Apply the cleaning evaluation we can find in the airport and apply it to B2B relationships to allow the company to adapt ASAP on clients’ feelings about a contract / collaboration. A happy client is priceless. Help the company to achieve this goal. 

A SaaS product that helps businesses manage their sales team 

A knowledge management solution for faster new employees onboarding. This SaaS must be easy to create and update content (as stepshot.net). And could provide quizz to the new employees. These quizz will provide insurance to the newcomer and the manager to know when to end the onboarding process. 

Copy SaaS from other countries

Copy SaaS from other countries

If you don’t have anything of your own, then copy an existing SaaS offering that has already been launched and is successful. You can start with a successful platform in another country and translate it into your language. The idea is to come up with a product that people want and will pay for, so try to understand their needs as much as possible before launching something new.


Start simple

The first step is to pick out a simple idea that you can tackle in the next few months. Don’t overcomplicate things! You should keep things as simple and easy to understand, so that it doesn’t stop people from signing up for your product or service.

It is also important that the product or service be easy to use, so users don’t have any problems using it. They should also be able to access information whenever they want through their browser or mobile device (if it works on both). Finally, make sure you are well accompanied by our web agency if needed!

So now you know how to make passive income with a SaaS in 2023.

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